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Nimbus Shower Filter: Removes up to 99% of chlorine from the water; promotes smoother, softer skin, manageable hair; and eliminates flakey, dry, itchy scalp. Nimbus uses a unique five stage filtration system that combines the filtering capabilities of activated carbon with the advanced technology of KDF. Long lasting: filters up to 30,000 gallons.







Nuvola 4 Reverse Osmosis System: Features a 16 gauge surgical 304 stainless steel pressure vessel rated to 150 psi., a Designer Series faucet with a high quality ceramic valve, and is rated at 50 gallons per day production. A Pre-Sediment Filter removes sand, rust and other large particles. A Granular Activated Carbon Pre-Filter then removes chlorine and other harmful organic contaminants. The Thin Film Composite (TFC), NSF Certified Reverse Osmosis Membrane, removes harmful contaminants such as lead, mercury, and arsenic to provide pure water. The pure water is then 'polished' by a Granular Activated Carbon Post-Filter for great taste.