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ARISE & SHINE!   monday mornings    6:45 til 7:45 AM   (arrive anytime as of 6:30 AM. class locked at 6:45)
This start-of-day practice awakens, enlivens and "polishes"...                                                       while enhancing balance, strength, flexibility & stability... of body/mind, heart & soul.

fee   $40 / HOUSEHOLD / 4-WEEK SERIES:    july 6, 13, 20, 27
                   $40 / HOUSEHOLD / WEEK SERIES:   
august  10, 17, 24, 31

*you must register by 9pm on Sunday evening to receive the link to class*

relax & unwind wednesday evenings   7:30 - 9 PM   (arrive anytime as of 7:15 PM. class locked at 7:30)
This end-of-day practice facilitates calming, cooling & quieting...                                                 while supporting flexibility & joint mobility and cultivating a sense of inner peace.

fee  $52 / HOUSEHOLD / 4-WEEK SERIES    july 8, 15, 22, 29
$52 / HOUSEHOLD / 4-WEEK SERIES  august 5, 12, 19,

*you must register by 5 pm on Wednesday to receive the link to class*

twice per week yoga:  to attend both monday morning AND wednesday evening classes:                                      fee  $80 for month of july          $90 for month of august      Missed classes cannot be credited

cash, cheque  OR  e-transfer payment is your confirmation of coming to class:     no password needed.  i have auto deposit.                                                         you will receive an e-mail that includes the zoom links within a few hours of receiving your payment. 
guidelines to support your practice:
-hydrate yourself BUT DO NOT EAT within 2 hours BEFORE CLASS!
-set up a space where you are comfortable, undisturbed, phone turned off, etc.
-have a blanket, 2 pillows, a strap or belt, yoga blocks,
bolster, eye pillow {IF you have them} nearby.
-you may augment your practice aromatherapy &/or by playing your own relaxing music.


-to support others in relaxing while waiting for class to begin, you will already BE MUTED UPON ARRIVING TO CLASS.  once we have greeted each other in silence, please turn OFF your video and switch to SPEAKER VIEW {right upper corner of your screen)... and relax in savasana.
*it is imperative that you
stay muted during the class!

-if someone's internet connection is spotty, this can interfere with the quality of the video and sound.
please reboot your router/modem before class {i.e., shut it off for 20 seconds and turn it back on to improve your connection speed}
-if you are using a phone, sound quality may diminish. it is best to use a laptop or PC
- please have the most recent version of Zoom. go to your settings and update or if you have an apple device, you may need to go to the App store to update.