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What to Bring to Yoga Class


      Please bring the following to class:

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket to cover yourself with for final relaxation
  • Meditation cushion & yoga block, if you have one                                                                                    

Please be on time for class... ready to begin at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class.            

  (I recommend arriving 15 minutes or so before class begins to allow yourself transition time                 before your practice)

Late-comers can sometimes be distracting to others.

Please remove your watch prior to start of class, as well as any jewelry that would impede your movement.

Beepers, pagers and cellphones must be set to 'vibrate' mode for students on call for work. Otherwise, please turn them off  prior to class.

Refrain from meals two hours before class.  It's best to drink water before or after class, rather than during, so as to maintain internal heat.

Wear comfortable, non-restrictive, layered clothing that is easy to move in.

Please discuss with me any/all existing or recent medical conditions or injuries, prior to class; any changes in condition should also be discussed.  It is my intention to offer instruction that is safe and appropriate for each individual student.  All information is kept confidential.


                      No-scent policy  

Just like second-hand smoke creates sickness in people who don't smoke, wearing scented products seriously affects the quality of life of chemically sensitive people.                                                      
Effects include: Headaches, respiratory difficulties, flu-like symptoms, extreme fatigue, and joint pain!

For the well-being of all (including Eileen!) please do not use these scented products:

  • Perfume / Cologne / Aftershave
  • Scented shampoo
  • Scented hairstyling products such as hairspray, hair gels, etc.
  • Scented face creams, body creams or lotions
  • Scented deodorant
  • Scented laundry detergent, fabric softeners
  • Dryer sheets

Beware: Most products labeled "UNSCENTED" actually contain a "masking agent" to cover up the original fragrance - these are doubly toxic!

Use only products labeled "FRAGRANCE FREE" or "SCENT FREE".

Please feel free to speak with me for suggestions.